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Creative solutions for growing happy, healthy kids

At Creative Solutions Counseling, LLC, we help children and families develop the skills they need to lead happy, healthy lives. We provide real solutions for daily living so children can thrive at home, in school and in life.

Building Skills For Life

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Kids are born super.

They have a strong sense of Self. Acceptance. Love. Empowerment. They live in the moment, free from social norms and expectations.

But even supers face challenges.

And while we can’t change that, we can equip them with the tools and skills they need to remain strong and resilient when faced with those challenges.

At Creative Solutions Counseling, LLC, our top priority is to prepare kids for life. We teach skills, work through issues, and provide solutions for daily living so children enjoy success at home, in school, and in all aspects of their lives.

Our goal is to help every child live up to their true potential…feeling strong, confident, joyful…super!

Areas in Which We Can Help Your Child

Anger Management
Behavior Problems
Domestic Violence Issues
Executive Functioning Skills
Family and Life Transitions
Grief and Loss
School Issues
Social Skills
Stress and Anxiety

Our Approach

Our approach is fun and interactive, skills-based and strengths-focused. We use many different modalities to enable children to express themselves more openly, including puppetry, art, books, games, and play.

Programs and Services

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Individual & Group Counseling Services

Individual Counseling
We offer private, one-on-one sessions with a counselor tailored to your child’s specific needs.
Group Counseling
Guided group discussions give children the opportunity to sort through issues by talking to their peers who may be going through similar life challenges.
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Parent and Family Counseling Services

Family Coaching
One child’s struggle often affects the whole family. We can help you create systems that work to improve home dynamics.
Parent Coaching
Just got that phone call…a doctor’s diagnosis or news that your child is struggling in school? As a parent, that may leave you wondering, “NOW WHAT?” Let us help you sort through your options and arrive at solutions.
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School Advocacy & Enrichment Programs

School Advocacy
Let us help you represent your child’s academic needs and obtain the services your child requires in order to be successful in school.
School Enrichment Programs
We use a variety of creative solutions to bring social and emotional learning programs and curricula to your school classrooms.
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Creative Workshops & Speaking Events

Creative Workshops
Children of all ages benefit from creatve activities for self-discovery, relaxation and emotional expression. From art expression to yoga and more, let us tailor to your needs.
Speaking Events
Looking to bring information and awareness about a specific topic to your community? We are available to present to PTO and library audiences, parent groups and educators.

Getting Started

Let us help you set a plan in motion toward positive change…

All clients start with an initial consultation. This gives us an opportunity to understand your unique situation, the areas in which you or your family may be facing challenges, and your overall goals in coming to us.

Together, we will explore the services and resources available to you and carefully tailor a plan to meet your needs.

We will support you and your family with care and compassion along the way to success.

It would be an honor and a privilege to work with you and your child.
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Life Doesn’t Have to Be a Struggle…
Care Begins Right Here.

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  • Carol has a remarkable way of connecting with children, and they respond to her sincere interest in them and to her gentle encouragement. Jessica Buck, LPC
  • Carol is a true professional, treating every client with respect, confidentiality and compassion. Patricia Landers
  • You will not find a more sensitive, intelligent human being to work with your children. She is a fine counselor with a breadth of insight. Delia Adorno, B.A., M.A.
  • Carol has demonstrated her flexibility and quick thinking when dealing with crises. She is especially good at de-escalation: calming children. She is masterful at getting at the root of issues that interfere with school success.Jessica Buck, LPC
  • Carol is an excellent oral communicator and more importantly, she is an excellent listener. Individuals with the good fortune to be her clients will be greatly blessed.Joyce Rebillard, L.P.N.
  • Carol’s calm, soothing manner has worked well with children in crisis, difficult teachers, and concerned parents. Delia Adorno, B.A., M.A.
  • Helping individuals recognize that fear is self-limiting, Carol uses her strong, positive attributes of being extremely well-grounded, emotionally stable, as well as her great sense of humor, and her tender-hearted patience to help even the most skeptical participants (almost effortlessly) overcome their fears and realize their potential. Joyce Rebillard, L.P.N.
  • I am going to miss you and miss spending time with you. I am going to listen to the teacher for you now.I., 3rd Grader
  • Thanks to you I feel much better about my family. You didn’t just tell me what I could do to make it better but you had a plan every time and you made it fun. I can trust you and not get weird and scared. I feel so much better talking to you.M., 5th Grader
  • I love you for helping me calm down in the office. I hope you see me some day when I am big. J.L., 3rd Grader
  • You have always helped me with my problems and I love that about you because you are awesome and you always will be and I hope that will always be true. You are the only one that can make that happen. Let me give you an example, like say I’m very angry, you make me happy and that is why I like this school because of you. A., 4th Grader

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